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"It's always been an ebb and flow of interest and energy."
"It's about the pleasure of being in the mountains, traveling efficiently over the terrain, having that sense of dynamic motion which you don't get when you're on foot."
"I'm usually balanced, but I've been out of balance when I've had to focus on a few things to the exclusion of more creative aspects."
"I learn something every time I go into the mountains."
"Skiing is the pleasurable part of alpinism - way more pleasurable and fun than alpine climbing."
"Jason has lived in Dale's shadow as far as competition and performance is concerned, but Jason is a great support for Dale."
"Roy is not yet prepared to accept he'll have to compromise,"
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"First of all, land managers are bureaucrats. What they do is control things; they like to put things in little boxes and create rules. They want to do that in the easiest and most cost efficient way. When you've got a group like climbers, who want to go where they please, bureaucrats don't like that because they can't control it."
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