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"It's kind of like being the athletic director in college. They don't care; they're just trying to go for the money and the coach is like, 'Wait a second, I need to get me a couple of [teams] on here that I can get tuned up with,'"
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"Carlos is better. His range of motion improved. He pushed it hard yesterday, but we'll just have to see."
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"If that took place, we understand the penalties. We understand somebody being taken out of the game. Sean is so valuable to us. I had a long talk with him afterward, and he understands that. He's all football. He wants to play. He's one of our leaders. He's had an outstanding year. He's very valuable to us. We can't afford to lose somebody like that."
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"We want to go back to the glory days,"
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"We've been praying with Shawn."
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"If I'm somebody that says the team is important and the players and coaches need to sacrifice and I then see an opportunity to help the football team and don't do it -- I would be going against the basic principal of what I preach."
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"It doesn't mean we're going to end camp -- it's the end of bed-check,"
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"[Patten also is a valuable resource for players and coaches alike. Gibbs, a Hall of Fame coach with three Super Bowl wins, routinely asks him about how the Patriots -- winners of three of the last four Super Bowls -- operate, with questions about practice drills, training camp or anything else that comes up.] He's very good about that, ... He's very sharp."
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"We have a smart football team, and they understand,"
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"Our heart goes out to everybody down there, ... They've got to do whatever they've got to do. We're all praying for everybody down there. There's been a number of our players affected by it, and you just hope that somehow such a tragedy somehow we'll get that all squared away as quick as we can. So I would say whatever they've got to do, the Saints . . . I just feel bad for them."
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"I'm not a karma guy. I don't believe in any kind of luck, either. ... We've been fortunate. I would say that."
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"That is my responsibility. Obviously, we want to be more productive than we were in the playoffs."
"A winning effort begins with preparation."
"Failures are expected by losers, ignored by winners."
"It's a situation where it's tough for Tom and tough for us, ... We think the world of him."
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"[Joe Gibbs, the Redskins' coach and president, said last week that not re-signing Pierce was a mistake.] I learned a lesson from it, ... And I don't intend to repeat it in the future. So, I would say that Antonio has our respect, certainly."
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"This is something that is extremely hard, ... You don't like doing this. I don't. Sometimes you don't chart the circumstances or what happens - it just happens. Certainly it wasn't the plan I had going in, but sometimes plans change, and I think you do the best you can in dealing with it."
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"What David is, is a very, very good route runner, ... He's showed that he's got patience. He's got really good hints, which normally means you're a real good route runner, when you can go in there and just have a natural way of selling something. All it is is a little hint, but you see the defender take a big bite off of it. He's got real good instincts that way, and he's been around a long time and is just one of the hardest-working, high-quality guys you want to be around."
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"It's exciting to me, ... because we're getting back some high quality players that have been missing for a while."
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"It's a huge deal anytime you get in the playoffs. We showed guts and determination. I feel humbled and really thankful to get in. It was a hard-fought game and I was just thrilled to get out on the right end of it."

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