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Rob Schneider Quotes

9 Rob Schneider quotes:

"I kind of realized early on I was playing him. That was a big responsibility for me."
"Studio people are idiots. Until they see someone else doing it and make a success of it, they don't open their minds. Most of them are idiots."
"[Yet Schneider was hesitant about reprising his accidental gigolo.] We had to kind of reinvent it, ... Saturday Night Live."
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"Women always feel like they're being stared at and judged, and rightfully so."
"I like to sneak in under the radar. I don't have any paparazzi following me or have to deal with that stuff. I'm never in the tabloids. I prefer that."
"I lost that excitement I had when I first started out. It was all about the need to just get a job, and so I found the joy again when I was writing Deuce Bigelow. I was laughing so hard and along with my writing partner at the time, simply laughing until we cried."
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"A woman can laugh and cry in three seconds and it's not weird. But if a man does it, it's very disturbing. The way I'd describe it is like this: I have been allowed inside the house of womanhood, but I feel that they wouldn't let me in any of the interesting rooms."
"I try not to have too much of an ego. I'll do anything."
"First of all, weren't all the best beatings in the trailer for "The Passion of the Christ"? I hate when the trailer gives away all the best stuff."

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