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"My father described me as the oldest baby he'd ever seen. I apparently was very serious and reflective."
"New York is not conductive to theater. New York does not encourage its young. It does not encourage experimentation."
"Susan is just great. I know I'm biased, but she's a great actress."
"There is absolutely no way that I would enter that world. I would never run for office."
"There's nothing more boring than unintelligent actors, because all they have to talk about is themselves and acting. There have to be other things."
"Toy Soldiers was my introduction to film. I certainly didn't think I was doing art by any stretch of the imagination."
"When you have a person in power who punishes people for speaking their mind, it's truly dangerous."
"You get money out of acting. You get gray hair out of directing. Actually, I get more of a rush from directing."
"You had to know how to fight or you had to know how to avoid a fight. I didn't enjoy fighting, so I learned how to avoid them."
"I don't want people to be inspired or offended by what I do. If you determine your behavior by what [other people] want, you're screwed."
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"I grew up in New York, and I have that in me, that be-honest-at-all-costs, don't b.s. me attitude. I say, ''If you've got something to say about me, say it to my face. And then we'll either talk about it or fight about it.''"
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"The story (is) about the common person who is able to rise to those acts of freedom, ... and oddly enough, history has not celebrated them."
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"I just have this unnatural fascination with Elvis. I guess it reminds me of how important perspective is. You know, watch out or you might wind up wearing really silly costumes with Hawaiian leis."

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