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6 Rosie O'Donnell quotes:

"I find this proposed amendment very, very, very, very shocking. And immoral. And, you know, if civil disobedience is the way to go about change, then I think a lot of people will be going to San Francisco."
"I think the actions of the president are, in my opinion, the most vile and hateful words ever spoken by a sitting president. I am stunned and I'm horrified."
"We are losing the democracy that we're trying to sell in the Mideast and everywhere else right here in our own nation."
"[The Million Mom March organizers planned a variety of events for Sunday, including appearances by Rosie O'Donnell, and singers Rosanne Cash, Emmylou Harris and Melissa Etheridge.] We have had enough, ... Enough of the NRA."
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"Specific goals have specific results,"
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"She's a very talented editor. She's a nice woman. It's not about her. Frankly, it was just a coup. They tried to take over."
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