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Jim Otto Quotes

27 Jim Otto quotes:

"I took a week off to go to Wisconsin for my mother's 90th birthday. I probably shouldn't have. I didn't feel well the whole time I was gone and went right back in the hospital."
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"The plays I remember are the plays I made a mistake."
"There is hard hitting, but the hitting is not nearly as hard as it used to be."
"We have always had great and loyal fans in Oakland."
"We have three tremendous tight ends in Christianson, Casper, and Chester."
"Everyday I walked on to the field I was the best center."
"Everyone wants to beat us. So you can never take a single game lightly."
"I have seen the Raiders develop into what they are today."
"I liked to play against all the teams in the National Football League or the American Football League, because they were always a challenge."
"I think the officials and NFL owners are playing to the type of game that people want to see."
"If the entire team can feel the same way about these things, you can consistently remain a winner."
"It was a very exciting time for me to play professional football, finally."
"The NFL offensive blocking is played differently; they use their hands instead of their head and shoulders."
"You must also give mental and physical fitness priority."
"I also played in the 1967 Super Bowl against the Green Bay Packers."
"And as a true athlete, mistakes haunt you forever."
"But now there are more concussions due to not being used to the hard hitting."
"I have been a part of this development, so I am very proud of it."
"I think Ray Guy and John Madden for sure should be in the Hall of Fame and Cliff Branch should be as well."
"I think the tougher the challenge the better."

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