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12 Brian Harris quotes:

"Poets write the words you have heard before but in a new sequence."
"Grandmother, family-proud and so of house, with hob black-leaded, glistening like a raven's wings and brass like gold untarnished."
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"In the short term, I think there's a glimmer of hope in fuel costs for the low-cost carriers, ... Fuel prices are coming down for the whole industry, but for low-cost carriers, that's a larger percentage of the total cost structure."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"On campus, most people could not care less about the team that year and those of us that did care were in a permanent funk. The coaching staff, however, was vilified on campus as some of what went wrong fell squarely on their shoulders."
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"I am writing this because I love you, so that sustained within your warming heart our future days remain locked-to this simple message."
"The industry in of itself is definitely worth a look for investors. Based on stand-alone fundamentals, a lot of these companies look really good."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Worth Quotes
"To be born in Wales, not with a silver spoon in your mouth, but, with music in your blood and with poetry in your soul, is a privilege indeed."
"May you, my friend, find God sends comforting warmth, to speed you back to your rekindled and welcoming hearth."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: God Quotes
"They've hired new management there and their improving their routes and things are looking positive,"
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"(The plate) is clearly a program in which legislators agreed that providing practical assistance to women facing difficult pregnancies is both benevolent and appropriate."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"Wales is an old land with wounds that weep in hills. They wept before in the bodies of men and in the hearts of women and time will never heal them."
"Frankford was set up the same way as Green Bay, about 1899, ... The Frankford Athletic Association ran football, baseball and cricket teams, up until 1931."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Baseball Quotes

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