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"This movie works, but it's pure luck."
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"So we got there at 6 a.m. We'd be shooting by 6:45. We wouldn't break for lunch, we'd just pass food around all day. And we would just rock and roll 'til 4, then Matty Libatique, our great cinematographer, would say, "Outta light, guys" - and that was it."
"Don't you hear people saying things you can't believe they're saying?"
"This pretty young blonde girl was screaming at her boyfriend because he text-messaged her that they were going away for the weekend - and he had just told her he couldn't see her that weekend. He had text messaged the wrong girlfriend!"
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"I don't want to tell your story because you're a insensitive, self-centered moron. I've told a lot of stories about young people, and I always feel there's hope."
"I was sadder for the actors than I was for me because when you do good work in this industry, you get more work. Colin got a whole career from it."
"We deserved it. I mean, if you get a pummeling, you deserved it. But isn't it wonderful to remember a time that America was once so innocent that all we had to worry about was the next "Batman" movie?"
"It barely opened anywhere! They didn't put any money behind it at all."
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