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39 John Sayles quotes:

"I never thought about being a writer as I grew up. A writer wasn't something I wanted to be. An outfielder was something to be. Most of what I know about style I learned from Roberto Clemente."
"I always feel that there are no final victories and no final defeats. But it's true that America is in a hole right now. There are a lot of dead fish in the water."
"I certainly grew up seeing more movies and television than I read books, but when it came time to do the thing itself you don't have to hire a lot of people to sit down and write a book, so that was the story-telling medium that was available to me."
"I probably wouldn't have done as many as I did in one year, which I did when I was trying to raise money."
"I think I got spoiled and that writing a short story and getting it published, or writing a novel and getting it published, you pretty much get to do the first, second and third draft yourself without a whole lot of interference."
"Michael Moore, whether you like him or hate him, has done something very important."
"So when I came to making movies, that's the way I wanted to do it. I didn't kind of wanting to just do one part of the process and leave it at that."
"The hardest thing about movie acting is that if you're playing a character who changes within the movie, you've got to do that, but you've got to do it out of sequence, because we never have gotten to shoot in sequence, and that's really, really tough."
"The media in America has become so cowed and compromised."
"We just said, 'Okay, you're in the movie. Bring what you would bring for a three-day weekend and I hope you like the way you look in it because once you're on camera, that's your wardrobe.' But it worked; it worked and we were very surprised."
"What I often find is it has to do with, is we need somebody who's in one scene to intimidate somebody who's over 5'10' and there I am on the set."
"When I was really young I didn't know that there was such a thing as a screenwriter. I wrote stories."
"And is there a movie, whatever the genre here, that I would like to go see? If I can see the germ of that there, I'll usually take the job."
"But compared to writing a novel, where you can be God, I did the Bay of Pigs invasion in six pages once, and there were 50,000 guys with boots that I didn't have to pay, and all those extras; we didn't have to pay them."
"But once I discovered that there was such a thing as a screenwriter and a director and all that, it stayed in my head as a possibility."
"I figured somebody wrote a story who had a typewriter and I thought that movies were made by the cowboys and that they just said, 'Okay, you fall off the horse this time.'"
"I've always felt like I was on the margins. Once upon a time that's what independent used to mean."
"In a movie you have all these logistical problems; all these practical problems. But you're also going to have people come who can do things that you can't do, and you get to direct their talents."
"Those are fun, especially if they're going to shoot them in four weeks, because you know they're not going to mess with anything you do, so it can be very imaginative."
"With Roger, it would be: 'On Page 67, we think this is a little quick to have another attack of Piranhas, so could you put it off until Page 69?'"

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