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"It doesn't appear that someone dug in the line. It seems to be a failure of some sort."
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"I prefer the Chinese method of eating. You can do anything at the table except arm wrestle."
"Please understand the reason why Chinese vegetables taste so good. It is simple. The Chinese do not cook them, they just threaten them!"
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"It's good to do something for Americans for once."
"That is typically a fire department call in these situations. Any time you have gas in the atmosphere, you want to make sure there are not ignition sources nearby."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"I got a long great with the guys at Franklin Pierce, and there were some incredible baseball players on that team, but I didn't think I was going to get an opportunity to play much there. Having Adam already at the school made the transition pretty easy for me."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Baseball Quotes
"There was some pretty tough competition for only seven teams being there and it was a pretty challenging course. Cameron ran well but the rest dropped off."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"I don't go for the nouvelle approach-serving a rabbit rump with coffee extract sauce and a slice of kiwi fruit."
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"Students and staff have worked hard towards these exams and we hope their efforts will be rewarded."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"I don't have any personal goals. I really like the guys I play with, and I want the team to do well. As long as the team wins, I'm happy."
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"His mother and my mother would really overdo it. He'd call and say, 'Granny I'm not feeling good.' She'd go to school and pick him up and on the way home he'd say, 'Can we go to McDonald's?' He was over pampered as a child, never wanting for anything."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Mother Quotes
"Steve said he ran out of running rail where the gap appeared, otherwise it would have been easier and, in my view, that was a good performance beating horses like Asset and Close To You."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"With this group of guys and the talent we have I see ourselves being a No. 4 or 5 seed. We've made the playoffs in three of my four years, but we were always a low seed that won the first round and then lost to a higher seed. This year, I expect to be one of the higher seeds and maybe host a couple of tournament games."
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