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"In truth, the only restrictions on our capacity to astonish ourselves and each other are imposed by our own minds."
"I have not had time to reflect on my own truths in many years."
"We are all capable of infinitely more than we believe."
"As a kid, I always was obsessed with Houdini."
"I just believe that the feeling of wonder is amazing. I am pushing myself as far as I can humanly push myself... I can only hope for the best and expect the worse."
"We are all capable of infinitely more than we believe. We are stronger and more resourceful than we know, and we can endure much more than we think we can."
"My only fear is the unknown."
"Basically, it's something that's been done in the circuses, based on the old high-wire acts, ... It's like family entertainment, this one."
"I think pain is easiest to avoid by filling the days with distractions - I wish to remove everything to search for a truth."
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