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36 Mario Batali quotes:

"When I was a cook and 24 years old... I read the kinds of books that were the inspiration to understanding the value of simplicity in cooking."
"Every region has its own specialties, and whether it was Christmas Eve and the seafood dinner and the seven courses, whichever family you were from, it's a visceral part of your life."
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"I like things that are fun, and I look to do them a lot, and that I have the opportunities to do them makes me a lucky guy."
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"The proximity to the Mediterranean... it's been a calming influence or just a generally good thing."
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"My intention is to make sure that we think about it without becoming too intellectual about it. There are pockets of restaurateurs throughout our country right now and in Italy, France, and Spain, who spend all their days figuring out how to confound the customer."
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"The food at my restaurants is mostly the food of Italy's grandmothers."
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"The Food Network is getting a little more entertaining than I would have thought a couple years back. They're in 80 million homes now. This is no longer a niche market."
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"Think of American food. In my generation, growing up in the '60s and '70s, Banquet Fried Chicken and TV dinners were the thing. Now people are back into roasting their own chickens, and TV dinners are a point of kitsch. It will be interesting to see what survives another hundred years."
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"I think Italian food is easier to like and love and less intimidating than most. So people overestimate my contribution, not in a bad way or a good way. It's just that my food is simpler than a lot of other chefs' food, and that makes it more accessible, and possibly easier to eat."
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"I think that the rise of a group of people called the slow food movement is doing a lot to try to protect and preserve traditions."
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"I guess the success of selling this kind of food to New Yorkers is that to them it seems new. Serving the head or the tail or the tongue certainly doesn't make me a pioneer in the real world-although maybe, in New York, in a fancy restaurant, I was a bit of one."
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"The lighting and the buzz and everything in addition to the food have an impact on what the customer feels."
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"This is food that can be made at home without too much shopping,"
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"Kids today want to eat their risotto with curry and shrimp and sour cream, not risotto alla Milanese, like they should, in my opinion."
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"I have research assistants, of course."
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"I travel around and instead of my showing someone how to cook, I walk in with a completely hands-off approach, and they show me their dishes."
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