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Phil Donahue Quotes

34 Phil Donahue quotes:

"Miss Child is never bashful with butter."
"I remember enjoying the woods when I was a child, but I never had the opportunity to really understand it. I want my grandchildren to not only enjoy the environment, but be curious about it and appreciate its vulnerability."
"I see all those Solomons out there, I can't wait to hear your wisdom."
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"Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem."
"Presenting statues of honor to reporters for covering an earthquake is like presenting a first prize to a doctor for performing surgery."
"A large psychic void is left by a loss of faith. So many Catholics have tried so many things to replace it."
"December 25th has become guilt and obligation."
"Everybody is under pressure to shut up and sing."
"I find celebrity status difficult to bear when I am in the company of my mother."
"I have moved from certainty to doubt, from devotion to rebellion."
"I was proud of the waves I had made, but wondered how many boats I was supposed to rock."
"In a network situation, a vice president, while he's shaving, can decide your history."
"Oprah is more than an institution. Oprah is a very special star in the firmament. I can't imagine a greater success than she's enjoyed."
"Recognition should come to the reporter who uncovers public cheating or proves a convicted man innocent."
"Spanking and verbal criticism have become, to many parents, more important tools of child rearing than approval."
"Television is not the exclusive target of promoters. Is Superman really worthy of a Newsweek cover?"
"They were terrified that we were going to become an anti-war kind of platform."
"To a journalist, good news is often not news at all."
"When I was a kid, people who got divorced were people who had no gumption."
"Cindy Sheehan is one tough mother and nothing you say or anyone else is gonna slow her down."
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