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40 Roy Moore quotes:

"Power's not what the Constitution was about."
"Rights come from God, not from government."
"The basic premise of the Constitution was a separation of powers and a system of checks and balances because man was perceived as a fallen creature and would always yearn for more power."
"The Church's role should be separated from the state's role."
"The Constitution was about a limitation on power."
"The First Amendment to the Constitution reflects that concept recognized in the Ten Commandments, that the duties we owe to God and the manner of discharging those duties are outside the purview of government."
"The forefathers, including James Madison, felt very strongly that the duties that we owe to God were outside of government's prerogative, that government had no business interfering with the way we worship God."
"The point is that knowledge of God is not prohibited under the First Amendment."
"The Ten Commandments are the divinely revealed law."
"The whole basis of the Constitution was a restriction of power, and the whole basis of the federalist system was that there was not one sovereign centralized power from which all authority flows."
"They don't want to be reminded that there is an authority higher than the authority of the state."
"They might object to some of my opinions, but they don't object to my behavior as a judge."
"Well, I think that we have to continue to fight for what we believe."
"Well, that's the - the removal from office and removal of the Ten Commandments were two different issues."
"We must defend our rights and preserve our constitution, ... For the federal courts to adopt the agenda of the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and to remove the knowledge of God and morality from our lives is wrong."
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"I don't stand for changing our Constitution."
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"This way you clear off your debt and just have operating expenses for the ranch. No more interest payments."
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"presents a clear choice for the future. We must return Alabama to the people and take away power from the special interests that continue to control the state."
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"One of the problems is sometimes you spend too much time writing needless opinions that don't really alter anything one way or another."
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"The thing about Rick was everything he did, he did well and with a smile."
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