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23 Benjamin Cohen quotes:

"Even if someone is already in your market space, ask yourself whether you can approach it from a different angle and thereby secure your own customer base."
"I was carried away with the fact that I, a mere 17 year old had as much experience as anyone else at building an Internet company."
"A world in which others controlled the course of their own development, would be a world in which the American system would be seriously endangered."
"I realised the stupidity of what was going on, there was no concentration on key revenue streams, it was all about land grab and not about money."
"Initially, the site was favourably reviewed in a leading new media publication and the word spread."
"The site really developed organically until it reached the point when I needed to find outside investment to develop it further."
"At the end of the day I'm pleased with the site I created."
"I can remember how rude I could be at times to journalists and people phoning up for advice."
"I decided that the only way there would be a future was to start to cut back."
"Most of my time, energy and other resources I use to nurture my projects."
"And although I like to relax and have fun, my passion is my work."
"I was stuck at home in bed with ME and got more and more involved with the Internet. I used it to keep in contact with friends and to make sure I was up to date with everything that was going on in the world."
"In once sense I still stand by the comments that I made last year about freedom of speech and the right of the individual to access pornography."
"I prefer the new me a million times more over than the old one."
"It was then I realised there wasn't really a site out there that catered for the Jewish community in the UK. So I thought I'd create one."
"The added work load of a degree has made me focus a lot more when I am in work."
"The truth is that most small businesses will not succeed and you need to be emotionally prepared for this."
"When I look back at the way that I was in that documentary I cringe."
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"Back then, I could be as obnoxious as I liked and people would still come back for more, they had to, I was Benjamin Cohen, the Dot Com sensation."
"I still manage to spend around 40 hours a week at work but it is a lot more focused on what can make money as opposed to what makes me look good in the papers."

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