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John Podesta Quotes

7 John Podesta quotes:

"We're going to keep pressing them to fulfill the commitment they not only made to the president but to the American people that this program to put teachers in the classroom will be funded adequately, and there won't be any gimmicks to take the money out the back door, as we have now currently in the current bills,"
Author: Podesta Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes
"We're trying ... to bend ears, not break peoples' arms,"
Author: Podesta Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"Our administration has already moved to liberalize export controls on encryption, allowing more companies to export the technology to more end users. And we've done so while maintaining a framework necessary to protect our national security, ... Today we are announcing significant new updates."
Author: Podesta Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"basically just didn't care if we followed Justice Department guidelines."
Author: Podesta Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"There should be greater judicial oversight of trap and trace authorities, ... Federal law should make clear that such orders should only be issued after a judicial officer has determined that the proper factual showing has been made."
Author: Podesta Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"The president is committed to saving Social Security, maintaining our hard won fiscal responsibility, reforming and strengthening our public schools so they work better for our children, passing a patient's bill or rights, strengthening America's leadership in the global economy and securing the peace in troubled areas around the world,"
"all concur that Clinton pushed Abdullah hard for cooperation."

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