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"People want to read, but they're overwhelmed by all the choices. They're always excited to have someone steer them."
Author: Schroeder Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"When people ask me why I am running as a woman, I always answer, "What choice do I have?"
Author: Schroeder Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"We think maybe we have educated them, and we just hope they will bring their education back to our shores."
"[And she will continue fighting not just sexism, but now -- at 56 -- also ageism.] Oh, listen, ... Ageism's very strong against women in our society. I should bring in to you all the checks I get from people telling me to dye my hair, that I look like the great gray ape of the Congress. And I keep saying, in the ape community, they revere their gray apes."
"I think we're much more comfortable with women as policy makers, ... We're not there yet, but the comfort zone is much wider than it was when I came."
Author: Schroeder Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes
"You'd carry on a logical debate, but you'd read about it later and say, 'Was I there?' ... But what are you going to do? Put out a press release and say, 'We weren't screeching'?"
Author: Schroeder Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"I have a brain and a uterus and I use both."
"The Pledge of Allegiance says, "liberty and justice for all"
Author: Schroeder Quotes Category: Justice Quotes

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