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38 Paul Prudhomme quotes:

"It's the sense of what family is at the dinner table. It was the joy of knowing mother was in the kitchen making our favorite dish. I wish more people would do this and recall the joy of life."
"My mother would put me on a wooden box at the stove and tell me to call her if certain things would happen. Like if the steam turns blue, that is danger!"
"My sister just went into the restaurant business recently. Most of my brothers are in the 60s and are retired. I'm the baby in the family."
"One of my missions was to teach."
"One of the problems of our youth is that the family unit is broken up. When we'd sit down to dinner together as a family, we'd learn about each other. We had something people don't get today."
"Some people absorb in different ways. I didn't realize until I was 15 years old how much I retained."
"The bad part about being recognized is that when I walk into a restaurant and sit down, I've got to eat everything on the plate, whether it's good or bad. People would take it as an insult if I did otherwise."
"We closed the restaurant in New Orleans and brought the entire staff to San Francisco. But we had to go home."
"We didn't do wrong things because we didn't want to embarrass our parents."
"We had no electricity, no gas. Food was probably our greatest entertainment - the most fun thing that we could do was food."
"We trust something in a grocery store and assume it's good. We don't learn about the most precious thing in life-the food we put in our body. Educate yourself!"
"We're working people, and that's what we like to do, work."
"What I think and what the world thinks is totally different."
"When I am done with this meal you can have my life. It is heaven."
"When I travel I normally eat club sandwiches or I bring my own food. When you go into a new town, it's very had to find a good place to eat."
"When you've got a great business going, you go open another and take the risk of losing the whole thing. It's fun!"
"You don't need a silver fork to eat good food."
"We have a responsibility as citizens to do what we can for each other,"

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