Brandon Boyd Quotes

19 Brandon Boyd quotes:

"All of us are heaven sent and there was never meant to be only one"
Author: Boyd Quotes Category: Heaven Quotes
"I think I grew a grey watching you procrastinate."
"I have always idolized eccentric people."
Author: Boyd Quotes Category: American Musician Quotes Eccentricity Quotes
"I suggest we learn to love ourselves before it's made illegal."
"I'll make music, whether or not anyone is listening, for the rest of my life. It's a natural form of expression for me, the same way I draw and write and sing."
"The consequence you'll see will be stranger than a gang of drunken mimes"
Author: Boyd Quotes Category: Consequences Quotes
"I'm kicking myself that I shared spit with you, so F**k yourself and F**K this bleeding heart of mine."
Author: Boyd Quotes Category: Heart Quotes
"How much you make really depends on the value you put into the product."
Author: Boyd Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"It's great to want to be part of something, but it's a different thing completely to believe wholly in some type of movement, and to give everything for that something."
"Music has always been my back door to life. It is important for people to find something that excites them. I like the concept that if you do what excites you, you will be rewarded generously, whatever form reward takes, which is not necessarily money."
"I ain't affraid to let it out, i'm not affraid to take that fall, but i found beyond all doubt, you say more by saying nothing at all."
Author: Boyd Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"Price tags advertise your pride,Since when did what we pay for colored cloth gage our gravity?"
Author: Boyd Quotes Category: Pride Quotes
"We are very fortunate to live in this country, but at the same time, the reason the forces are so much more destructive here is because they are faceless."
"Big Brother is watching... look busy."
"I have an open door policy when it comes to blame"
Author: Boyd Quotes Category: Blame Quotes
"Music has to be written while people are still excited about a particular melodic or rhythmic sequence. The idea doesn't come out the same if we're not really excited about it."
"I would create little flying machines and fly around the city in my dreams."
Author: Boyd Quotes Category: Dreams Quotes
"Put down your hollow tips and kiss your lovers lips and learn that fate is what you make of it"
Author: Boyd Quotes Category: Fate Quotes
"I am tapping into a place in you that is unexplored, and very dangerous, but I think essential to the creative life of an artist."

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