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5 Mick Mars quotes:

"Get as rude as possible and don't let anyone tell you how to live."
"When I get mean, I get mean."
"I'm just as sick as the others, although I prefer to do my sickness in private."
"Musicians today have gotten used to Protools, which I hate. You can go into the studio and not even be a musician, just start beating on stuff and they can take parts out of it, move it around and then you can sound like Slash. If you want some kind of weird feedback effect in the middle of a guitar solo, now they can just fly it in. You don't have to sit there and work at it like you did back in the day."
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"It was bothering me a lot, and I became addicted to pain medication, which is like what dragged me down. When we first started talking about this thing, I was like pretty much out of it, but I wanted to do it. So I needed to get myself overhauled, cleaned up and everything else to do this, because I wanted to do it, you know?"
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