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"[Among conservatives, the general expectation is that Bush will move quickly.] We expect the president to take about a week to 10 days, ... This is not catching the White House off-guard."
"This is another example of a federal district court exhibiting hostility toward a time-honored tradition which has been defended by numerous Justices including Justice O'Connor who said eliminating such references 'would sever ties to a history that sustains this nation even today,'"
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"If anyone tells you that you cannot legislate morality, remeber that legislation IS morality."
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"This is the most historic moment in Supreme Court history in our lifetime, no question about it. These are justices who are going to serve for decades."
"I don't think anybody has that crystal ball but the president."
"What if you threw a protest and no one showed up? ... The lack of angst and anger and emotion is a big positive."
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"The court has said you are entitled to robust speech on public sidewalks, even insulting speech."
"It's now up to the full Senate to move swiftly to confirm John Roberts so he can assume his duties and responsibilities as chief justice when the Supreme Court begins its new term in a matter of weeks. We call on the Senate to confirm John Roberts without delay."
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"He is very, very well respected. So there is no 'extraordinary circumstance' here."
"This is the most closely divided court in Supreme Court history. This is the swing vote. Everybody, right, left and center knows what is at stake here."
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"left open the possibility that we will see a marriage statute in Vermont that will impact this kind of arrangement or this kind of relationship."
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"for speech that was a ... secular message or an invocation. So it's neutral on its face. It says, 'Say whatever you want to say.'"
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