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17 Les Claypool quotes:

"I don't know if it was the whole audience getting stoned out of their minds getting ready for the Floyd thing or what it was, but it was like playing to a painting."
"I liked the name Frog Brigade because it lent itself to a lot of cool imagery with the whole frog thing."
"I pretty much built a band out of the most incredible guys I could possibly find. I didn't really want a six-piece band, but it just ended up being a six-piece band because these guys are all awesome."
"I think Phish will come back. I just think it's time for a breather."
"I think the world is very much embracing this whole concept of musicians going out and playing their instruments and playing music for music as opposed to music that has something to do with some form of image or imagery."
"I'm an old man. I'm going to start writing my book tomorrow. Really though, I've got some awesome memories and stories. It's all good."
"Music in general is looking for something new overall."
"My favorite venues are the 2,000 seat theaters, like the Warfield. If there was a Warfield in every city, I would play it. That's all I would do. I love venues like that."
"New Year's was insane! It was the best show I've ever played for New Year's."
"San Francisco is an interesting place. It's always been such a nice culturally diverse environment, which it still is, but there's a lot of money there now and a lot of dot com's so it's a little different than it used to be."
"The scene itself in San Francisco is just bizarre and non-existent for young bands and places to play... it's just so scattered now."
"Theaters are great. They're designed to sound good, not for basketball."
"You might have a favorite book or film, but you can only watch or read it so many times before you have to let it sit and then go back and realize it's your favorite still. At some point everything gets a little stale and you have to step away from it."
"It got insane. They're trying to get us to come back and play a couple of nights at the arena. I don't ever want to do any of that."
"We've all had our thing. I listened to the Monkees when I was little kid."
"For the past couple of years I've been pretty bored with music in general... just bored with it."
"In the early days all I hoped was to make a living out of what I did best. But, since there's no real market for masturbation I had to fall back on my bass playing abilities."

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