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Jerry Cantrell Quotes

6 Jerry Cantrell quotes:

"We're making it up as we go along. It's what we always did in the past. We're writing the book as we live it. We feel confident that we will have a good time and that it's something that will live up to the same level. It's an exploratory thing, and we're just having fun with it. We'd like to go out and play for the people that supported us and love the music as much as we have all these years. We want to celebrate what we did and the memory of our friend."
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"And when power ballads come back, we'll get big hair again."
"Every record that you do man, is sooo different in every way."
"To me not one thing is better than anything else, I'm completely proud of everything I've written and recorded."
"Our music's kind of about taking something ugly and making it beautiful."
"Rehearsals and this band are two words that don't really go together, kinda like Military Intelligence."

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