Kerry King Quotes

28 Kerry King quotes:

"Check bags are fun. I just make sure there won't be anything illegal in my check bag which is forbidden at a cabin of a plane. Just leaving things like scissors and such out of my carry-on things in order to avoid troubles with some certain airline, y'know."
"I just saw Jensen the other day. They are gonna be in the States at the same time when we are doing the tour, Se we'll see if we are going to see somewhere."
"They even didn't know if I would have liked it, so I took it home and made a song up on it and thought I guess I'd better order one."
"This new one was held for a couple months, so I guess it was better, but when we go into thinking our next record tragedy, it traditionally will probably change the distribution again and it will get held up again."
"This record was supposed to come out in July already, but it just got delayed and delayed, so, well, I guess it was just coincidence."
"This was the first time I lived there for 3 months; I became a Canadian for 3 months so to speak. Now Vancouver is like my second home."
"Well, to be honest with you, yes there is and there is not. But as I am a fan of this kind of music as well as the rest of the guys naturally are - and being a fan, we kind of get pleased by our music as fans and as being in SLAYER."
"I fly a lot, so I knew what's gonna be good and what's not. So I put everything into my check bag I think I might need during these flights."
"I play loud onstage for my own benefit as I like. But I'm not too fond of the P.A. either."
"I used the dictionary very minimally and I just wrote how I speak. And I speak very hateful manner usually. I constantly did that because I think the fans would get more out of it if they understood exactly what I'm saying - exactly where I'm coming from."
"I write when I have to; I write when the song is done and I deal with the idea and I just go with it and I'll become what that song is all about until I have finished it. And when you do that, it makes the song more visual, it makes it more personal."
"I'm always using a towel around my head. Airports don't worry about me."
"If you don't tour, you cannot expect to sell a huge numbers of your albums either. It was both a business - and an economical decision and we wanted to play anyway. We just wanted to get out for the tour when it was safe enough for us."
"In the beginning when I started to write lyrics, I wanted to do something what I haven't done before. So, I threw away the synonym finder."
"It was only supposed to be on WCW compilation; on that wrestling compilation. And for that I thought it was good. And then we threw it on our record as well."
"It's a new perspective where I got a role in and they are just spewed out of my mouth."
"It's hard 'coz you have got different time zones; you can't sleep and y'know, it's boring way for the show to happen, but you do off the stage. Y'know, onstage it's all better."
"My first figure was a SLAYER eagle. And the dragons and the tribals are all I have got."
"My strangest media moment a photo session they all had dressed up like 50 gangsters. That was pretty cool. We have to get some more of those kind of photos sometimes."
"Of course we are doing this primarily for ourselves, but I know our fans dig most of it, too."

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