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40 Vince Gill quotes:

"When all is said and done the only thing you'll have left is your character."
"Success is always temporary. When all is said and one, the only thing you'll have left is your character."
"That's the one thing that is really timeless is the songs. The artistry, the popularity of the artistry, that's going to come and go."
"It's so hard to defeat perceptions. I feel like whenever you have the opportunity, you take it and show people what it is that you do."
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"And from my place, and from the time that I went through my divorce, I also had my father pass away in the middle of all that. And it kind of made everything else just kind of like the back burner, you know."
"And just, once again, the connection there that was kind of rare was - it was - it felt - everything felt familiar, you know, when I met Amy."
"But you know the thing that I thing oftentimes gets ignored and neglected is there was 10 or 12 years of life before I met Amy and before she met me, where you know, whatever happened was probably going to happen some day."
"I am not struggling. What I do, it is what I do."
"I am responsible for me. I can kind of take care of what I need to do and should do what I like to do."
"I can sit and analyze everything and beat myself up and say you don't quite sing as good as you used to, you're writing better songs maybe than you used to, but to me it's just the journey."
"I do not like being famous. I like being normal."
"I formally proposed. I'm a good Southern gentleman."
"I had just lost my dad and I remembered all the songs we used to go and hear at concerts, and the records around the house and sometimes we'd play together."
"I made records in the past that are as traditional as any other country records that have been made, but at the same time the records have a contemporary slant on it too."
"I mean, look at her. Any idiot, you know, would quite taken with Amy."
"I still have to play the solos and do the things that I do on my records, I still put in the work. I think that it's more lonely, and it's hard."
"I've always been more drawn to being normal than being famous."
"It is easy to react if everything is going great."
"It is harder to fail than it is to succeed because most people are going to watch you do is to react to what you've accomplished."
"It is not fun singing about losing somebody like that, but at the same time it was easy to write because the memories were so real and vivid and so much a part of who I am."

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