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13 Bob Hill quotes:

"I personally think we should have won this game. This is not a game you could just excuse. We've got to go back and take a hard look at this."
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"It was huge. He's got a lot of courage."
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"You have to give Philadelphia a lot of credit. They're playing without Iverson, they are fighting for a playoff spot and I thought they played hard. They certainly had the momentum most of the first half and most of the third."
"I'm like one of his fathers who couldn't be prouder of him. It's a long story, but at the bitter end his agents accused me of badmouthing him to the NBA people; because they had convinced him he was a lottery pick."
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"If they are the best team in our division... then our division is up for grabs."
"I went into the U.S. Army straight out of high school. I spent 21 years in the Army before I retired."
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"Under the circumstances, it was a profound effort. I thought our pick-and-roll defense was horrendous, we have to continue to work on that. We got off to a good start."
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"Ray felt obligated to play, considering the situation we were in. Under normal circumstances he wouldn't have played."
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"Under the circumstances with so many guys out we did a terrific job of keeping ourselves in the game with a chance to win."
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"I don't golf, so I try to get into as many ballgames in a week as I can. I pitch, but I have to play every other position when I sub. I love playing all the positions."
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"I'm firm, but fair. I think one of my weaknesses is I'll harbor my feelings for a while and then all at once ... let it go. I'm not proud of that necessarily. ... I'm not afraid of confrontation at all. I don't like to confront players, but I will if I have to."
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"I just kept studying it. And studying it. And studying it. Studying different teams. And the zone rules. I really got a lot done in four days. I looked at the All-Star break as a great opportunity, with no distractions to get in there and grow, so I can help these guys more. So if was fun for me."
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"Winning solves everything. It really does. It's like a magic pill. ... When you have a record like ours, people want to know why. They want to assess blame to somebody when sometimes there's no blame to assess."
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