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"It's like a candy store for an illustrator, I connected with Harry pretty quickly and loved the way J.K. described everything; she's such a visually thinking person. You can't pass that up."
"I will be sad. I've gotten very attached to Harry and all that goes on in his world, I guess I'll just be kind of tasting every bit of it because it will be the last one."
"In creating the Harry Potter artwork, I try to bring a certain amount of realism and believability to the characters and setting, but still add an element of wonder and the unknown."
"It's a challenge to take a character and make sure he ages correctly and make sure he looks like he would look if he were to get a year older."
"I get to show the reader the essence of the book without giving anything away."
"It is an honor to illustrate for such an amazing writer as J.K. Rowling. She gives me, as an illustrator, so much to work with."
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"I'd like to talk to her more because she's an interesting woman - and I'd like to tell her how much I enjoy her writing."
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