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38 Stephen King quotes:

"All you need to do is hold on tight...and believe."
Author: King Quotes Category: Creativity Quotes
"The place where you made your stand never mattered. Only that you were there... and still on your feet."
"People want to know why I do this, why I write such gross stuff. I like to tell them I have the heart of a small boy... and I keep it in a jar on my desk."
"I had seven minutes permanently burned out of my memory (when the van hit). I did get one back of the guy coming over the hill heading toward me. It's like a coral islet in the sea. ... I have no idea if (the story) is any good, but what the h--l, I like it."
Author: King Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"...Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win."
Author: King Quotes Category: Darkness Quotes
"God is cruel. Sometimes he makes you live."
"Get busy living, or get busy dying."
"When asked, "How do you write?" I invariably answer, "one word at a time."
"Fiction is the truth inside the lie."
"French is the language that turns dirt into romance."
Author: King Quotes Category: American Artist Quotes French Quotes
"No, it's not a very good story - its author was too busy listening to other voices to listen as closely as he should have to the one coming from inside."
"When his life was ruined, his family killed, his farm destroyed, Job knelt down on the ground and yelled up to the heavens, "Why god? Why me?" and the thundering voice of God answered, "There's just something about you that pisses me off."
"Books are a uniquely portable magic"
"American grammar doesn't have the sturdiness of British grammar (a British advertising man with a proper education can make magazine copy for ribbed condoms sound like the Magna goddam Carta), but it has its own scruffy charm"
Author: King Quotes Category: Advertising Quotes
"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty."
"At this time the agency is not releasing any specifics of that investigation in order to preserve the integrity of that investigation."
Author: King Quotes Category: Integrity Quotes
"You couldn't get hold of the things you'd done and turn them right again. Such a power might be given to the gods, but it was not given to women and men, and that was probably a good thing. Had it been otherwise, people would probably die of old age still trying to rewrite their teens."
Author: King Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"I don't do this type of appearance very often. But this was something different."
Author: King Quotes Category: Appearance Quotes
"The most important things are the hardest to say, because words diminish them"
Author: King Quotes Category: Communication Quotes
"So will the world end, I think, a victim of love rather than hate. For love's ever been the more destructive weapon."
Author: King Quotes Category: Hate Quotes

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