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"The girls in high school who watched 90210? I was watching Seinfeld."
"The press always ends up being much nicer than I expect. A lot of times they say something snarky about you, but then you meet them in person and they couldn't be nicer."
"The support that we have from the network in terms of watching us at an unusual time in the year and playing our episodes three times in a given week until we built an audience... is exceptional."
"The trap is that you then just start doing stuff about Hollywood, which I don't really want to do."
"There's got to be a little bit of reality show fatigue happening."
"We don't have any plans for any big stunt casting at this point. We do have four new characters who are coming on to the show, and they're all great."
"We don't hold anything back. We go for broke, and if we have a good idea for a story line, we just use it because you never know and because the dynamics of the show are going to change."
"We just happened to come along at time where there hadn't been a new young adult drama that also could appeal to adults as well in quite some time. We sort of found a little bit of a niche."
"Year Two is a critical year for any television show."
"You gotta strike while the iron's hot."
"You have to act like a responsible professional in the industry regardless of your age."
"There is always drama and there will always be drama, but its the way its presented in my head that makes it so interesting. Everyone gets their time in the middle of the drama."
"This year is senior year and with senior year comes all that sort of angst and anxiety, all that sort of epic teen drama - who am I, where am I going, what's gonna happen to us, ... It's going to call everyone's identity into question and throw the show back on the family."
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"[You can also expect fewer titillating twists, like the girl-girl kiss (and subsequent romance) between Marissa and Alex (played by Mischa Barton and Olivia Wilde ).] That was a double-edged sword for us, ... because we were asked to pull back [on the duration of the kiss] while at the same time it was very heavily hyped. It was like some sort of game. But while everybody thought the kiss would be the start and end of it for them, for us it was really about doing a real relationship and showing how, after it ended, Marissa would be at a place of greater maturity."
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