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"TV is not about ideas. It's about execution. And writing and casting. That's why most of TV drama's biggest stars have been character actors, not romantic leads. Peter Falk. Telly Savalas. Angela Lansbury. They can inhabit a role for years, and that's the TV challenge. I like to say a successful movie lasts 110 minutes. A successful TV series lasts 110 hours."
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"Advertising is the art of the tiny. You have to tell a complete a story and deliver a complete message in a very encapsulated form. It disciplines you to cut away extraneous information."
"And the consumer doesn't care. They don't watch networks, they watch TV shows."
"As soon as you become complacent your show gets canceled."
"Drama or comedy programming is still the surest way for advertisers to reach a mass audience. Once that changes, all bets are off."
"Everybody knows things are not the same. The people running the TV end of a major vertically integrated company know how much money a successful show can make."
"I do love television. But the business is accelerating and people are not getting the chance to fail."
"I don't think you can really make television based on what you think audiences want. You can only make stories that you like, because you have to watch it so many times."
"I get bored with establishing shots of people getting out of cars and walking into buildings, getting into elevators and then 45 seconds later they have a line."
"I hardly see myself as a futurist."
"I think most people don't react well to being screamed at. It's counterproductive."
"I try to just communicate what I want done as clearly and simply as possible."
"I was raised not to be rude, but I also try to get the best work out of people."
"I was running Miami Vice, but it wasn't my show so I got to learn an enormous amount. You were basically getting trained to have your own show."
"I would say that if you really wished to be a working member of the community, don't go out on strike because then there's no work and no potential of work."
"If the scripts are not good, I'll tell somebody, 'This isn't good.'"
"If you're going to vote on a television contract, there is a certain rationality to saying that the same structures that are applied to Health Plan participation should be placed on the right to vote on a strike."
"It was like in Samoa when they'd put up a movie screen on the beach and show movies and the locals would run behind the sheet to see where the people went. It was pretty grim."
"It's a very competitive business. And everybody I know who does it is extremely competitive, but they show it or don't show it in different ways."
"It's show business. No show, no business."

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