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38 William Glasser quotes:

"A friend of mine, a dedicated golfer, shot a hole in one playing by himself. Disaster."
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"Education is the process in which we discover that learning adds quality to our lives. Learning must be experienced."
"It is almost impossible for anyone, even the most ineffective among us, to continue to choose misery after becoming aware that it is a choice."
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"We are driven by five genetic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun."
"The faster you go, the more students you leave behind. It doesn't matter how much or how fast you teach. The true measure is how much students have learned."
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"To counter the avoidance of intellectual challenge and responsibility, we must reduce the domination of certainty in education."
"As long as acquiring knowledge is the educational goal of schools, educational opportunities will be limited, as they are now, to affluent families."
"Every single major push in education has made it worse and right now it's really bad because everything we've done is de-humanizing education. It's destroying the possibility of the teacher and the student having a warm, friendly, intellectual relationship."
"I think it is totally wrong and terribly harmful if education is defined as acquiring knowledge."
"If we had in this room a hundred teachers, good teachers from good schools, and asked them to define the word education, there would be very little general agreement."
"If you improve education by teaching for competence, eliminating schooling, and connecting with students, the test scores will improve."
"If you want to change attitudes, start with a change in behavior."
"We almost always have choices, and the better the choice, the more we will be in control of our lives."
"Caring for but never trying to own may be a further way to define friendship."
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"We may be up against a stone wall, but we don't have to bloody our heads against it unless we choose to."
"Effective teaching may be the hardest job there is."
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"Too many of us fail to fulfill our needs because we say no rather than yes, or perhaps later in life, yes when we should say no."
"Good or bad, everything we do is our best choice at that moment."
"If everyone could learn that what is right for me does not make it right for anyone else, the world would be a much happier place."
"I think education is both using and improving knowledge and that changes the whole picture."

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