Donna Shalala Quotes

5 Donna Shalala quotes:

"We believe we should keep going. We're telling a story about excellence, about going from being very good to extraordinary."
Author: Shalala Quotes Category: Excellence Quotes
"What we're doing is protecting elderly disabled immigrants in nursing homes, ... They're not part of the welfare reform debate. The welfare reform debate is about moving people from welfare to work."
Author: Shalala Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"What we would not want to do is ... take away health insurance for adults for which there is no insurance market. If you're 65 years old, what's the market for health insurance?"
Author: Shalala Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"This early report is very promising and shows that we are making progress in moving parents on welfare into jobs or giving them the work skills they need to get a job,"
Author: Shalala Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"She actually started the women's network in this town. Jodie brought all the women together from the Carter administration in her home."
Author: Shalala Quotes Category: Women Quotes

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