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Alberto Gonzales Quotes

8 Alberto Gonzales quotes:

"The Department of Justice is committed to using every available resource to ensure that our streets and neighborhoods are safe and that the methamphetamine problem is brought to an end,"
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"As you might imagine, he's got many friends that he'll see as he travels . . . and they'll suggest that this person be nominated to the federal bench."
"[Asked in an interview on FOX News Channel's] Fox & Friends ... I don't think you should be disqualified from being considered for an important position simply because you have a relationship with the person making the decision on who to nominate. You have to look first at a person's qualifications."
"I'm looking forward to some strong competition at the state tournament."
"These included violent offenders, drug dealers and gang members. This is an important step in ensuring a culture where the law is respected, where the judicial process is observed. Sentences are meaningful, and hard time is served."
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"As the court noted today, the authority to detain enemy combatants like Jose Padilla plays an important role in protecting American citizens from the very kind of savage attack that took place almost four years ago to the day,"
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"the president's critical authority to detain enemy combatants who take up arms on behalf of al Qaeda."
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"I will be the first to admit I am not perfect and I make mistakes."
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