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12 John Lilly quotes:

"We were an extremely young football team last year and played some freshmen, and we were hoping that would pay off. But we elected to just not talk a whole lot about last year."
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"You start putting these last few classes together, and the quality that's in there, and we feel it has set us up for a pretty good run."
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"Our only security is our ability to change."
"When you think of college football, that's one of the games you think about right off the bat. Kids want to play in it."
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"Our game up there last year, we really started to see signs that we were getting better and our young kids were playing hard and learning how to play, ... I know everybody loves the worst-to-first (analogy), but last year was really just an uncharacteristically bad season for us."
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"He's had the kind of spring he needed to have. He's made a lot of mistakes but that's what you learn from. Fundamentally, he's getting better. As far as assignments, he's getting better. Catching is something he hasn't done before. Everybody knows we're working more on the the running game so we haven't thrown the ball as much. But he's only had one day where he struggled catching the ball."
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"We fell probably one player short. I'll take responsibility for that. Sometimes with timing and the way you set things up.... sometimes you guess wrong."
"His (Madison County) high school coach did a great job of coaching him on the fundamentals of blocking. That's been an easy thing for him."
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"In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true either is true or becomes true."
"Here's a guy who is obviously not the ideal size, but we've found out a lot about his heart. I think that is something you always get when you get somebody from Madison County."
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"We're in a learning process on how to deal with this."
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"If you start putting these last three [recruiting] classes together with the quality that's in them, we feel like we've set ourselves up for a pretty good run because of the nature of the players we've got."
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