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Paul Bremer Quotes

9 Paul Bremer quotes:

"We have to do everything we can to defeat"
Author: Bremer Quotes Category: Defeat Quotes
"The general referendum will be successful and the draft constitution ratified if a majority of the voters in Iraq approve and if two-thirds of the voters in three or more governorates do not reject it."
"The FBI is after these guys because they know something or they are trying to scare them."
Author: Bremer Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"The fact of the matter is that we are facing a small group of bitter-enders who are basically trying turn the tide of history."
Author: Bremer Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"Saddam spent 35 years stealing and wasting money, and all of these systems are very fragile and brittle, and you try to fix one thing and something else gets in trouble."
Author: Bremer Quotes Category: Money Quotes American Statesman Quotes
"You know, the country is basically peaceful."
Author: Bremer Quotes Category: Country Quotes American Statesman Quotes
"the question is how do we select a transitional government by the end of June."
Author: Bremer Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"They [might have] lost track. [They] can be trying to disrupt an operation. [They] could have a number of purposes at once."
Author: Bremer Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"I leave Iraq gladdened by what has been accomplished and confident your future is full of hope."
Author: Bremer Quotes Category: Future Quotes American Statesman Quotes

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