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"Soldiers are literally fighting for their lives and you don't have enough respect for them to take your protest somewhere else... You have no respect for those guys that are trying to heal in that hospital... Why don't you take your protest and your free speech rights and stop sticking it in the face of people that are (sic) suffered enough. Why don't you take it elsewhere?"
"Why should one U.S. airman give up his life when our national security is not in imminent danger?"
"This is utterly amazing. Let not your heart be troubled liberals. We'll try to help."
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"Hang - hang - hang on a second, ... I want to get perspective in this sense, that earlier today, Fox was showing the images of the convoys, of the people getting in there with the convoys. There was food. There was medicine. There was water. And there were supplies - what is the time frame, is anybody saying, that we're going to get that, that was going in there today, to the people that you're talking about?"
"All right, Shep, I want to get some perspective here ..."

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