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"Everybody loves sports. It's awfully hard to be critical of these athletes -- they're young, they're strong, they're beautiful. You want to celebrate these guys."
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"I do wish we wouldn't pander to the same audience over and over again,"
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"[One] brought himself up by his bootstraps ... the other was born to comfort, a college man at a time when nobody went to college. Each saw in the other the thing he wanted to be."
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"... proud though I may be of my profession, it never occurred to me that it was meant to be a working majority, ... That more than half of young men in TV would want to cover sports has the same ring to it as if we learned more than half the males in medical school wanted to concentrate on cosmetic surgery."
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"It was a great tragedy ... an athlete dying young always sets us back. We see them as so strong and handsome. We don't think they'll crumble."
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"She glances at the photo, and the pilot light of memory flickers in her eyes."

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