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8 Jason Bartlett quotes:

"I'm going to come down here, be a leader and try to take control. Not tell people what to do, but to put people in the right spot and try to be a leader that way."
Author: Bartlett Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"I had some anger built up, I wanted to let it out and I think I did."
Author: Bartlett Quotes Category: Anger Quotes
"It's really just fun to see those types of reactions. The thrill really is just as great for me to see those looks on their faces."
Author: Bartlett Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"How cool is that? It's fun to see that they get so excited to have us here."
Author: Bartlett Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"He is definitely going to be a force at the top of the lineup. He's been around and he knows the game. He's got great range over there. He is going to make my job easier."
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"Every time I look out the window, it's nothing but flat land and snow. But as far as the towns we've been in, they've been nice and the people have been great. I'm really enjoying getting to see so many Twins fans."
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"We'll try to do a little bit of running on Monday and see how it feels. It's better than I thought it would be."
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"When I first got over here, he really helped me out. He took me under his wing."

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