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Frank Colby Quotes

9 Frank Colby quotes:

"Clever people seem not to feel the natural pleasure of bewilderment, and are always answering questions when the chief relish of a life is to go on asking them."
"Why need every honest poet be suspected of leading a quadruple life? Sometimes the second or third meaning is less interesting than the first, and the only really difficult thing about a poem is the critic's explanation of it"
Author: Colby Quotes Category: Poet Quotes Poems Quotes
"Sin in this country has been always said to be rather calculating than impulsive."
Author: Colby Quotes Category: Sin Quotes
"I know of no more disagreeable sensation than to be left feeling generally angry without anybody in particular to be angry at"
Author: Colby Quotes Category: Anger Quotes
"The New York playgoer is a child of nature, and he has an honest and wholesome regard of whatever is atrocious in art."
Author: Colby Quotes Category: Nature Quotes Plays Quotes
"One learns little more about a man from his feats of literary memory than from the feats of his alimentary canal."
Author: Colby Quotes Category: Literature Quotes Literary Quotes
"Every improvement in communication makes the bore more terrible."
"Talk ought always to run obliquely, not nose to nose with no chance of mental escape."
Author: Colby Quotes Category: Conversation Quotes
"Cast your cares on God; that anchor holds."
Author: Colby Quotes Category: Anxiety Quotes

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