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Bennett Miller Quotes

6 Bennett Miller quotes:

"The market creates conventionality and conformity, but that's not really what people want to see."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Conformity Quotes
"He works himself into states of crisis and distress, worrying that people are going to know he is a fraud and that his career is over."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"Unlike most films, it examines a side of a person's life that's hidden, and I think there's a lot of people who carry around a fair amount of darkness and keep it private for a lifetime. The film is about a very public figure and his very private tragedy."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Darkness Quotes Films Quotes
"It's very hard now that the film is done and you can look at it to appreciate the magnitude of the risk he took and the possibility of horrible, embarrassing failure. Think about this character. Think about who Capote was. And think about Phil Hoffman, who's basically like a big guy with a baseball cap with a deep voice."
"We decided to do something completely different. Writing is the loneliest job in the world. I wanted to capture that solitude. Writers spend a lot of time alone in a room just typing away, and this is the first movie to really show how a writer works."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Solitude Quotes
"He can't put on a uniform and go to work. He cannot be conventional. But you can see in the movie -- he has a very positive and optimistic attitude, though there is evident frustration and anger."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Anger Quotes Frustration Quotes

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