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5 Marty Meehan quotes:

"We can't get fair decisions made on the merits of any of the issues before us in Congress as long as we have this soft money system,"
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"The relationship between Congress and K Street has gotten too close and too cozy, ... The opportunity for reform is now."
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"The leadership of both houses of Congress are now operating under a cloud of scandal, impropriety, and the possibility of illegality,"
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"It's a tempting response to the problems baseball has right now. It feeds into anger and frustration that fans have about the potential of losing their teams, ... But I don't believe that taking away the antitrust exemption will solve this problem and it could make it worse. I don't see how triggering a antitrust litigation free-for-all...really solves anything."
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"The cleanest way to have an election is to have money that doesn't come from special interests, ... In the long run it's a much better system. The system is better served if you put limits on what people can spend."
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