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12 Michael Markarian quotes:

"Dogs play an important role in our lives, and deserve to be protected from individuals and industries that would do them harm."
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"We cannot rely on individual acts of compassion."
"People are bonded to their pets. For people who have lost everything ... their pet may be the only comfort they had left. These policies put people at risk as well as animals, and we want the government to correct that."
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"It's absolutely outrageous. The agency is substituting the judgment of Belgian and French chefs for the judgment of Congress."
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"USDA is playing games and thumbing its nose at Congress."
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"There was no national policy that said animals matter."
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"These are wild animals and shouldn't be held captive and used as production machines. Fox hunting and all it involves is a throwback to the past. It doesn't have a place in modern society."
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"We will certainly not give up the fight to protect America's horses from the French and Belgium dinner plates. This points to the need for Congress to pass a permanent ban for horse slaughter for human consumption."
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"We're very disappointed that the court is allowing the continued slaughter of American horses in violation of federal law and in violation of the clear direction of Congress."
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"We applaud Senators Ensign and Byrd for winning this resounding victory for horses. Senate offices received thousands of calls from constituents who love horses, and we thank lawmakers for acting decisively to end the slaughter of these American icons and trusted companions. The identical language from the House and Senate should put this issue to rest and save tens of thousands of horses from a grim and painful end."
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"Taking a beaver out of a natural habitat, away from offspring, social groups and sources of food, can certainly be a problem. It's especially problematic if it isn't done by a licensed professional who knows when and where an animal can be released and the ecology of relocation."
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"The Humane Society of the United States is very pleased that Mississippi lawmakers have taken this important step to stop an egregious trophy hunting practice that amounts to nothing more than pay-per-view slaughter. Responsible hunters know there's no sport in shooting an animal remotely while lying in bed and wearing camouflage pajamas. We urge Governor Barbour to sign this bill into law now and snuff out this snuff film scenario."
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