Robert Full Quotes

5 Robert Full quotes:

"It doesn't look like any real animal, but all of the principles are there."
Author: Full Quotes Category: Principles Quotes
"It would create a level playing field with better service and better rates across the board. That's advantageous to consumers and the business climate."
Author: Full Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"We also study animals at the extremes of performance, creatures that are exceptionally good at one particular thing."
Author: Full Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"Everyone can advance their own field, but through synergy, the research accelerates and collectively we can create something that no single group could ever do."
Author: Full Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"Evolution works on the just-good-enough principle. So we want to learn how to mesh advantageous principles from biological systems with the best human engineering to actually build things that are better than nature."
Author: Full Quotes Category: Evolution Quotes

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