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Brian Gorman Quotes

4 Brian Gorman quotes:

"This doesn't meet the standard that says in the foreseeable future these fish will become endangered. We proposed a year and a half ago to list them as threatened. But we have been convinced, in large part because of the hatchery and harvest reforms that were undertaken very aggressively, that a listing is not warranted."
Author: Gorman Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"Between the time we proposed to list these animals as threatened and now, we've discovered the population is in a more delicate situation than we had assumed."
Author: Gorman Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"It is a very slow and laborious process. It's not a practical way to deal with nuisance animals, especially on a large scale."
Author: Gorman Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"Any natural or man-made disaster ... could really wipe out many of these animals."
Author: Gorman Quotes Category: Animals Quotes

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