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"We checked on the Internet about football and education and the opportunity here at Walton, we couldn't pass up, ... It's been hard missing a lot of my friends who are now all over the place. Some are here; some are in Texas. There's only two of the players who are at the same place now."
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"This is from the very beginning -- and continues to be all the way through -- a situation that the prosecution does not know what happened. They will not be able to tell anyone today, tomorrow, or ever what happened."
Author: Harrison Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"This is a case in which there is no scientific evidence, no fingerprints, no blood splatter, no bloody weapon -- no weapon at all -- no witness to the crime."
Author: Harrison Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"To see the mother and twins makes you realise that although these animals are extremely powerful, they also have the nurturing side like us,"
Author: Harrison Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"I see the same people every year. It's like a class reunion."
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"He bought another four to six weeks of freedom (pending the sentencing date) by pleading. And, the judge could look favorably on him because he spared the families and victims the embarrassment of a trial."
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