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"Kids are just interested in animals. But it's much more than that. They have certain responsibilities they have to meet, and many want the challenge. It teaches real-life skills. Sports works for some people, something like this works for others."
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"We'd like to ask you a couple questions about taking people's animals. You took their animals and never gave them the money,"
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"They determined that he had had his stroke while he was napping."
"Hopefully in the future, it may open up to the outside, but right now we're keeping it in house."
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"True beauty lies deep within. No matter what you look like on the outside, if you know you are beautiful, nothing can change that."
"R.A.D. for women is designed for women as an educational program for them to grow emotionally and physically against their attacker."
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"We offer great services to our customers, but how we deliver those services, how we personalize them to our customers, is what leaves a lasting impression. I'd love to attribute it all to our training, but it's the level of employee we hire, those who are friendly and have great personalities. That's the critical part of the whole process."
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"Why are some of the best things in life some of the things that hurt us the most?"
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"People say you stole their animals. What did you do with the puppies?"
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