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Richard Miller Quotes

6 Richard Miller quotes:

"It is not enough for politicians to wear white bands. They had the power to turn commitment into reality in 2005 and they failed to rise fully to the challenge."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes
"It's important to remember that the audience for Immersion Days was the design teams, and the panels were put together with that in mind. The purpose was to immerse the teams in the issues, and they have had two and a half extremely full days of panels, luncheons and presentations to that end."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Design Quotes
"While most New Zealanders consider jobs plentiful, if less well paid, than this time last year, they are increasingly pessimistic about job opportunities over the year ahead."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"It was an outstanding show. She's a great show person, and she did a superb job. There was really something for everybody. I looked around and could just see smiles on everyone's faces. It was a fantastic show and everyone had a really great evening."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"We've been fighting for HB 4756 and we've been fighting for it for the past five years. AAA is very much in support of this. We feel it's the critical gap in an otherwise comprehensive GDL law."
"Buffalo are dangerous and unpredictable animals, we need to treat them with respect and give them plenty of room."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Animals Quotes

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