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"We're just starting to interview writers and trying to really figure out which direction [it will go]. It is going to be much darker, much grittier, and it's much more character based."
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"We shot so fast, so relentlessly, that I don't think we had any funny moments where people flubbed lines or stunts went wrong, ... We do 50 (scene) setups a day. That focuses people in a different way."
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"We know we want it to be darker, edgier and have fun sense of humor, but it will be more character--based,"
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"I'm amazed nobody's had a problem with that whatsoever, ... They can all identify with that. It's like your mother having cancer or your sister being hit by a car -- there are so many things subliminally in people's lives that make them relate to him, but it was a very tough concept on paper to get through."
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"I love that scene. But at least it's on the DVD."
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