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Masuhisa Kobayashi Quotes

7 Masuhisa Kobayashi quotes:

"As the government is growing increasingly receptive to the idea of a policy shift, the central bank could very well change policy as early as March 9."
"Japan's growth prospects look more promising and we are on the threshold of an end to deflation. Yields are set to increase."
Author: Kobayashi Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"Given that producer prices have risen more than 2 percent over the past few months, we have to consider that in Japan's corporate environment inflation is already mounting. Producer price inflation is highly likely to translate into consumer price increases."
Author: Kobayashi Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"Although some government officials and ruling bloc lawmakers remain reluctant toward an early policy shift, there are nearly no objections in the private sector, including the banking industry, the insurance industry and business lobbies."
"The fact that BOJ acted in the face of resistance from certain government officials and politicians means the market must now focus its attention on the central bank rather than the government."
"Giving a super-clear predictability on the course of monetary policy will not be good for any central bank."
Author: Kobayashi Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"As the data show, the gap between domestic supply and demand is clearly narrowing, which should create the environment for prices to rise stably."

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