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Ashraf Laidi Quotes

8 Ashraf Laidi quotes:

"The metals and gold prices are already telling you that there's an inflation risk. So if they're going to push the dollar weaker, the risk of inflation could be sparked even higher if the dollar falls and oil prices remain at the level they're right now."
Author: Laidi Quotes Category: Gold Quotes
"Markets could see higher risk of slowing activity from a recurring increase in oil prices. In that case, the Fed will safely close the first chapter of the tightening cycle and move to 'wait' mode. Such a plausible scenario would be a negative for the dollar."
Author: Laidi Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"This last comment is crucial, especially when the U.S. Congress last night rejected restrictions on tax cuts and spending, and raised the federal debt limit by $800 billion, to $8.18 trillion."
Author: Laidi Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"Given the aforementioned dynamics, it is more probable for the U.S. trade deficit to continue soaring to record highs than it is probable for foreign capital flows to keep up with swelling imbalance."
Author: Laidi Quotes Category: Trade Quotes
"This was a key auction for the dollar as it relieves worries of successful financing of the swelling trade gap."
Author: Laidi Quotes Category: Trade Quotes
"The riots are definitely doing something, ... It's the usual story of growing unemployment in the euro zone, social unrest that is at first attributed to ethnicity but is really about unemployment and the lack of jobs."
Author: Laidi Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes Unemployment Quotes
"Past history indicates a relationship between the background of the U.S. treasury secretary and the direction of the U.S. dollar."
"The budget deficit is on the radar again due to the emergency spending packages and the lack of any freeze or phasing out of tax cuts,"
Author: Laidi Quotes Category: Budgets Quotes

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